Three Core Functions

3 Core Functions

  • Inform and Educate by providing materials to the Activate Omaha community about the health benefits of active living places, design standards that accommodate pedestrians and bicyclists, and science-based resources that support active living communities.
  • Advocate for environments that support active living by conducting physical assessments to help neighborhood groups identify opportunities and barriers to active living in their community. Become a community resource for evidence that supports accessible safe places for activity.
  • Demonstrate by providing active living model programs that convey the many choices for integrating activity into daily life.

Activate Omaha will work collaboratively with others to ensure that Omahans are:

  • Aware of the benefits associated with active living
  • Knowledgeable about active living choices and how to overcome obstacles to physical activity
  • Informed about physical activity opportunities, resources, services, and information
  • Encouraged to be physically active
  • Supportive of efforts to enhance and improve active living options in our community