About Us

What is Activate Omaha?

At Activate Omaha, we believe active living approaches such as walking or bicycling for basic transportation or pleasure, playing in the park, taking the stairs and using recreation facilities will help people achieve the Surgeon General’s recommendation of 30 minutes of moderately intense physical activity on at least five days of each week.

Our mission at Activate Omaha is to create awareness, advocacy and excitement about activity and the importance of designing our community for active lifestyles.

The vision of Activate Omaha is to become a national leader in creating a model community where healthy living through active choices is a priority.

Activate Omaha is a five-year initiative funded by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation’s Active Living by Design program to promote “active living.” Omaha was one of 25 communities to receive funding to encourage Omahans to become more active by utilizing features of the built environment that promote activity; such as bike trails, parks, city gardens, walking paths, skateparks and many more!