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Bicycling is a great and healthy way to travel around the metropolitan area.  More people every day are discovering cycling for recreation and transportation to work, school, entertainment, and shopping.  Our growing metropolitan trail system is very popular with cyclists, runners, walkers, and in-line skaters, and is linking more parts of the region together.  The completion of the new Missouri River Trail Bridge will even connect Nebraska and Iowa for non-motorized users.  But trails don't go everywhere and people often have to use the street system for commuting, access to trails, recreational trips, and other purposes.  That's where this map. Omaha's FIRST Bicycling Guide, comes in.  It is designed as a tool to help you find routes to take you through the city by bicycle.




Cycling in the city is fun and pleasant, but also requires a great deal of caution and attention.  Motorists are often inattentive and often do not respect the rights of bicyclists as operators of vehicles.  Also, cyclists in shared traffic have the responsibility to act in accordance with the traffic laws of cities and states.  Moreover, people have different levels of skills and comfort, from riders who are uncomfortable sharing the road with cars to seasoned urban cyclists.  This map can help you plan routes that you find comfortable, whatever your preference.




The Omaha-Council Bluffs Metropolitan Bicycle Map  has been printed on high quality, water-resistant paper, and includes other special features.  The map is already in distribution.  Pcik up your copy at one of the local bike shops!!!


For more specific information on Omaha's trail network, please click here!


Special thanks to our sponsors, Blue Cross Blue Shield of NE and Papio NRD. 


This map was prepared with the assistance of a special opportunity grant from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation.


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