Activate Omaha – Join the Movement!

If you’re looking for ways to incorporate more activity into your life, you are not alone. Omaha is helping lead the nation and becoming a more fitness-conscious community every day. Join in the fun! Visit our Active Living Directory and our Activate Omaha Calendar to find ideas on how to get active today. And register for the Omaha Gets Active Tool Kit if you want to promote a more active workforce in your company.

You make Omaha an active community!

Activate Omaha is a community health organization that aims to encourage all Omahans to be active as a part of daily living. In addition to marketing efforts to remind people of the importance of daily physical activity and outdoor group activities. Activate Omaha supports and encourages changes in urban design, land use, and transportation policies to cultivate and support active living, a way of life that integrates physical activity into daily routines.